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Grade 3/4 Class


The following are prayers written for the week dedicated to 'Random Acts of Kindness' (February 14-20, 2000).

Some of these prayers were chosen to be read for the school's daily prayer, on the intercom.


Dear God,
Please help me to be kind all week, and help me to be kind all the time.
Thank you for giving us your Son Jesus, and help this school to be kind all year round.
by Cheyenne (Grade 3)


Dear Father,
Thank you for making me,
Thank you for your Son,
We are a family,
We are one.
Help us be kind through this week,
and help us do our work as we go through the school stream.
Make our school a team of kind people.
God bless us everyone.
by Jordan (Grade 4)


Our Father the Creator,
Thank you Father for food and water.
Thank you for giving us happiness and kindness and love.
Thank you for giving the world love, and showing us how to treat others nicely.
Thank you for showing me too.

by Lyndon (Grade 4)


Dear Jesus,
Son of God,
help us to remember the people that help us,
and help us to help other people,
that are hurt and need help.
We thank you for spreading the love all over the world.
Help us to do good deeds,
just like You did,
when you were on Earth.

by Quentin (Grade 4)


Dear Jesus,
Thank you for dying for our sins.
I think about you when I sleep, and at school.
I wish you were here on earth, at this time.
We all need your help to be good and not hurt other people.

by Korey (Grade 4)


Dear Holy Spirit,
Could you help me to do better things?
( when I use to help the teacher out by doing all my work,
and listening to my mother when she tells me to do something.)
Help all kids in our school to be better to each other, and to themselves.
by Dallas (Grade 4)


Dear Holy Spirit,
Help us be kind this week.
Help us to be better at work.
Help us to be strong and to make better choices.
I hope I see a lot of people doing good things.

by Trinity (Grade 4)


help me to be nice and kind.
Make me write nicer and not to be mad.

Help us be much, much better.
You are the best.
I really won't forget you.
Help everyone in the world to do better.

by James (Grade 3)


Mary our Mother,
please help us to be better in all things we do, and we say.
Thank you for kindness, sharing, caring and helping.
Help us make a 'Kind Team'.
Help us be kind people.
Mary our Mother,

W is or WE are all a family.
E is for ENTER our room with your heart.
L is for LET you be a member of our family.
C is for COME and be a part of our family.
O is for OUR family.
M is for MOTHER MARY...our MOTHER MARY is special.
E is for when you ENTER this room, consider yourself a member of this room.


by Daniel (Grade 3)


Creator God our Father,
Jesus Christ His Son,
Holy Spirit within us,
All the angels,
and Saints ...every one,

Be with us ever closer,
as we face the days ahead,
Random Acts of Kindness Week... should happen 'year-round' instead!

Help me to help others...
let me be your heart and your hands...
may I do the things needing done...
kindness spreading from me, through the lands.

Lead me, that I may follow,
then I in turn, will teach
that 'Random Acts of Kindness'...
is a daily goal we can reach!!!


by Mrs. Monteith (Grade 3/4 Teacher)