Ekosi Maka! Hi'ya Hi'ya!
from Mrs. Monteith

After 8 years as a staff member of the Ben Calf Robe - St. Clare School Family, I have decided to move on to new challenges.

As difficult as this decision was for me to make, I am leaving with much love and great memories in my heart, which I will cherish always. I give much thanks for the supportive colleagues, the excellent students and the wonderful families and friends I have been honoured to work with, over my many years at BCR. I pray for everyone's continued success and many blessings in life.

As my husband and I, were the webmasters of this school website, this can no longer be the OFFICIAL website of the school.

However, as a tribute to Chief Ben Calf Robe's dream for his people AND as a tribute to all my former students, this site will remain available for viewing on the world wide web.

As well, if you wish to contact us (the webmasters) or leave messages in the guestbook, you are welcome to do so.

Please follow the links below for your choice of destination...

Once again, I will miss you all - VERY very much! Love always and Creator's Blessings to everyone, from Mrs. Monteith and her family.