3M Family's
Prayers to Mary
...our Mother in Heaven


The following prayers were written in the month of May, which is the month we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and our Mother in Heaven

Here are the 3M Family prayers… Written in Glory and Honour Of Our Blessed Mother Mary
Some of these prayers were read over our school's intercom for the morning daily prayer, in the week of May 23-26, 2006

Enjoy our prayers of gratitude and love honouring Mary!

Brice’s Prayer to Mary

Our Blessed Mother, Thank you for the clean Mother Earth. Thank you for all the prayers and the wonderful thankful things that you say for me, to Jesus Your Son. Blessed be your name. You are holy. Teach me to love my family and friends. I will love others and Jesus, your beloved Son. All glory and honour to you heavenly Mother, in your Son Jesus’ name, Amen
Brittany’s Prayer to Mary

Dear Mary… You are so nice to people and me. You are so pretty and so lovely. I ask for my family and my friends to be safer. I love you Mary! I thank you for helping us to have a family, a home, a school, and food to eat. Thank you for the angels who watch over us. Amen
Cody’s Prayer to Mary

Virgin Mary Mother of God, Our Blessed Mother… your name is holy. Please protect me from evil spirits. Mother, help me to be kind to my friends. Give me strength for today. Help me to be respectful. Thank you for my family, for toys, and for my friends like Jared. Alleluia
Devon’s Prayer to Mary

Dear Mary the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Blessed be your name. You are holy. Protect me and all my family – especially my tiny brother. Teach me to love and to say “Yes, Yes, Yes” to God. Thank you for my life and my family. Thank you for your gentle heart Mary. Amen
Earl’s Prayer to Mary

Hail Mary, We praise you and thank you for being the mother of the Saviour of the world. I ask if you could keep my family and friends safe through the rest of their lives, and the rest of my life. I ask that everybody has a long and healthy life. Holy Queen of Heaven and earth, we praise your name. We ask you to watch over teachers, our families, our friends, our students and everyone that we know. Mary, I will try my best in everything I do. I will make you proud of me. Amen
Hyapatia’s Prayer to Mary

Our blessed Mother, Mary your name is holy. You are our Holy Mother. Thank you for Mother Earth; for the wind, fire and water. Thank you for animals and the sun. Blessed be your name. Dear Mother of God and our Mother, please pray for us. Teach us to love each other and your Son Jesus.
Jaleesa’s Prayer to Mary

Dear Mary, You are so loving to me, my family, and my friends. You are holy. Blessed be your name. Give me your peace and love. Teach me to love your Son, Jesus. Give me strength Mother Mary and protect me. You are Queen of Heaven and earth. Thank you for the sunset and sunrise. I will be helpful and kind to my friends. Amen
Jared’s Prayer to Mary

Holy Queen of Heaven and Earth, Dear Mary, you are the Mother of God. Blessed be your name. Help me to be good and respectful. Help me to love Jesus. Help me to be good in class. Holy Mother Mary, thank you for being our Mother. Thank you for praying for us. Blessed be your name. Alleluia
Ryan’s Prayer to Mary

Holy Mary, I give praise to you. I ask you to heal those that are injured and sad. I ask for there to be no wars in our world. I ask you to pray for us and those who have passed on to the spirit world. I thank you for healing me when I am sick. I will try my best in my learning, on my tests, and in everything I do. All praise, glory and honour to you Heavenly Mother.
Samantha’s Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary, You are the Queen Mother and we bless you in the name of the Lord. We praise you in our hearts. Bless you and your Son Jesus. You are in our life and in our soul. In thy name Mary, I ask you to watch over my family, my classmates, my friends and my cousins. Mary, can you help my brother and sister heal and get better? Mary, I will try my best to do everything you want me to do in the world. Thank you for giving my dad a long life and thank you for helping my family every day. Bless you Mary for everything! Thank you holy heavenly family! Alleluia, Praise to you!
Savannah’s Prayer to Mary

Our loving dearest Mary, Our blessed mother… you are the mother of the world. We pray for you and your Son the Lord. I ask you to bless my family, my friends, and everyone, so they may have a special smart life. I will pray for you every night, Mary. I thank you for all the blessed things you’ve given me all my life. I thank you for being Jesus’ mom and loving us all our life. Praise to you! You are blessed Mother Mary! Amen