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As part of the PAT Workshops – to prepare for story writing… our students had to finish a story called “The Strange Wedding”. This activity followed the reading of “Smoky Mountain Rose” by Alan Schroeder. This was an Appalachian Cinderella story. The following are their ‘Middles and Endings’ Here was the story ‘Beginning’…
Yesterday I went to a strange wedding! The pretty bride was as happy as she could be! Only once did the the groom ever cry, during the wedding. It wasn’t until he said, “I do!” Everyone laughed about this, as they went to the wedding reception.
Brice’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all… if it wasn’t for the magic pig who could talk… there would have never been this wedding! It all started when the bride first met the groom. He was having a special party but she did not think she would be able to go… until she met the ‘magic talking pig’! He said, “You CAN go to the party! All you need are these golden shoes! Then you’re on your way. Go on! Shoo!” Then she left. After she arrived at the party, the groom said to her, “Come and dance with me!” So she went and danced with him. Then she had to go back home. When she was leaving… her shoe went flying in the air and the groom caught it. He chased her down the path but he lost her. Then a miracle happened! He called over all the girls from the party to try on the shoe. When the bride tried it on her foot 0 it was her shoe! They got married and lived happily ever after! At least I think they will – if they keep listening to the ‘magic talking pig’!
Brittany’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all, was what happened when they were dancing! One of the bride’s sisters went for a dance with one of her boyfriends. The dance was out on the farm. When they were dancing, her sister slipped on a banana peel. That was because they had served bananas for dessert. As she was slipping… her boyfriend saved her by jumping to catch her! She said ‘Thank you for saving me!” They never served bananas at wedding parties ever again! They did not want to ever have an accident like that!
Earl’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all was when the groom went running down the road screaming… and the bride started to chase after him. By the time she got to him… he was lying on the ground, breathless. Then she had to do CPR on her new husband. When he got up… he started to run again, but the bride hit him on the top of the head and knocked him out. Then she dragged him back to the wedding reception. When he woke up… he was still wearing his ring, he was sitting in a car that said “Just Married” on the back window, and he was on his way for his honeymoon! Everyone at the ‘strange’ wedding had a good laugh that day!
Jaleesa’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all is that the wedding party was on a farm! When they had the dance… they had lots of fun! Even the pigs and monkeys came to join them. They were screaming and making a lot of noise, despite the groom’s request to “STOP”. The pretty bride said, “I need to leave because I am late!” The groom asked, “Late for what?” “If I don’t leave now… I’ll turn back into the poor girl I was before!” she answered. The bride took off running and the groom chased after her. When he found her, she was poor again. He said to her, “Don’t worry sweetie! You are my wife now, and I will take good care of you forever”. Then he took his new wife on a BIG shopping spree! She never had to be poor again. Married life was GREAT!
Jared’s Strange Wedding

Strangest of all was that there was no bananas! The groom needed lots of bananas for a special banana wedding cake. The bride was crying until she heard a screaming noise. There was a huge gorilla running, getting chased by a tiny, white rabbit. The terrified gorilla lost some bananas when he was running and he tripped over some of them, too! The rabbit had saved the wedding! Now the groom had bananas to use for his special wedding cake.
Ryan’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all was what happened later that day. When they arrived at the park to take the pictures, it was summer but it was snowing! All the people were covered in white in the pictures. After the reception was over, everyone wanted to go see this strange weather. The bride and groom were mad. No one will ever forget this ‘STRANGE WEDDING’ weather!
Samantha’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all was how this wedding came to be in the first place! Rose, (the bride) was always doing chores while her two sisters looked in the mirror saying, “I’m beautiful!” These sisters argued over which of them was prettier. They made Rose wash and iron their dresses and polish their shoes. Rose was going to run away – but there was no where to go! One morning the girls went to go get the mail. There was an invitation to a ball – from a rich man who wanted a wife. He planned a party! Rose said, “I wonder if I can go too!” The sisters laughed at her. “No one wants to dance with an ugly girl like you!” Rose walked away like it was nothing. The sisters left Rose behind when it was time to go to the party. When she was outside, a cow started to talk to her and said, “Mmmmooooo! I know moooo – gic! Spin around!” So Rose did and she was wearing a pretty blue dress with white shiny shoes. “Now come home before midnight or else everything will change back!” “Okay,” she said. She went off to the party. By the time it was midnight she had been dancing and did not notice it was getting close to midnight. She left without her shoe and ran home. The rich man said, “I will have a search for who fits this shoe!” Every women had to see if the shoe fit, but it fit none of them. There was only one girl left…”Hey you! Come here! You have not tried it on yet! You might be the perfect fit!” When Rose slid the shoe on – it did fit! But they did not get married until today. I wonder why the groom was crying! He waited long enough to find this special wife! “Men are strange!”
Savannah’s Strange Wedding
Strangest of all was when the groom went down the stairs to go to the washroom. He announced to everyone, “I’m going to the washroom!” When I followed him downstairs, he disappeared! When I came upstairs, he did not appear again for 5 minutes! Every time he danced and moved, he looked like a robot. Later, he went downstairs again and so I followed him better this time! I saw the wall move! I went to go tell everyone but they did not believe me! So I went back downstairs and went through this portal that lead into a laboratory! When I saw the groom… he turned himself into a robot! I went behind him and took out his battery pack, so he died. Then I went back to the party to find the bride, and tell her to come downstairs in the lab. The bride asked, “Why do I have to go to the lab?” She finally followed me and when she got to the lab she saw her new husband dead. She cried all day… “I will never get married again!” “What a STRANGE wedding that was!”
COMING SOON!!! Hyapatia’s Strange Wedding

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