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PAT – Story Writing Workshop
As part of preparations for the PAT Examinations, our Grade 3 students participated in a WORKSHOP that reviews and highlights information that they need to know/use, in order to do their very best! Here are the stories our students created, as part of the ‘Story Writing’ practice. In addition, these stories were evaluated by the students’ peers, according to the RUBRIC that the PAT Stories will be assessed. What GREAT learning experiences!
My Secret Friend By Brice

One interesting day, I was on my way to visit my Kokum (grandma) who lives in Castledowns, when the scariest thing happened to me!!!! It all started when I was walking by the dark forest and I heard a bush move. I started running down the path!! A monster came out of the bush and was chasing me down the path. The next thing that happened was that I started inhaling really hard! When I stopped to catch my breath… I looked back but he was gone. Then I started to walk again. Suddenly he appeared in front of me and he started to attack me!!! “What do you want?” I screamed at him. He looked hungry and tired. “Ahhhh…” I knew what was wrong! I pulled out a red juicy apple that I had in my pocket. The monster grabbed it with his hairy hand. Now whenever I go to visit my Kokum… there is always an apple in my pocket… and my secret friend always comes out to play with me, when I’m on my way to Kokum’s!
The Purrrrrr- fect Present By Brittany

I will never forget when my mom really got me a cat for a present. It was for my ninth birthday! I, Brittany, live in Las Vegas and I am rich! But even though I am rich… I did not have a cat because my mom did not want to spend the money for a cat. I was so sad! That is why I was so shocked when my dream came true! It all started with my birthday party. All my friends had come over to my house. The next thing that happened was that we played games like ‘Pin-the’Tail-On-the-Donkey’, musical chairs and we also went outside to play tag. Then it was time for the cake. I made a wish and blew out all the candles. I hoped my birthday wish could come true! After that happened, then I opened my presents. All my presents from my friends were nice… but not as nice as a cat would be. Then my mom came home and she was holding a box. When she put it down on the floor… it tipped over. Mom said, “Open your present!” So I went over to the box. It was making noises like crying. I got scared. When I went to open the present I was so surprised that I started to cry! That is why my 9th birthday party was the best party ever! I named my cat TIPSY… for tipping over my birthday present box!
KISS Alive Forever by Earl (A biography of the HIT BAND)

In 1973, in Detroit Michigan, 4 boys united to make a band – the band’s name was KISS. The four boys gave themselves the names Paul Stanly, Gene Simmons, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley. This was the beginning of many successes to come. In 1974, they made their first album, ‘KISS’, with Casablanca Records. Then they made their second album ‘Hotter Than Hell’. KISS figured out that their records were not selling. So they put out ‘KISS ALIVE’! ‘KISS Alive’ featured live songs and sales went higher than ever! KISS was #1 on the charts. KISS fans craved for ‘Alive’ KISS sold a million copies and then became the HOTTEST band in the land. In 1980, KISS took off their signature ‘make-up’ and KISS was no more, until 1997. That’s when KISS went to the Grammy awards with their ‘make-up’ back on! KISS was back! Then KISS became the HOTTEST band in the world! In 2000, KISS did their ‘Farewell Tour’. Even though KISS started before I was born… I am still one of KISS’ biggest (and maybe youngest) fans!
The Magical Land of Love by Hyapatia

One nice summer day in the year 3005, Earl went fishing on the moon. He put the worm on the hook and lowered it down into the water. Just then… a moon shark grabbed for the worm and pulled Earl and his fishing rod into the mysterious land of ‘Shark Tale’. When Earl woke up he suddenly saw fish swimming all around him. He saw a beautiful mermaid! This took his breath away! The girl began to talk to him. Then she sprinkled some sparkles on him and he turned into a golden fish. As time went on, he got a job washing whales and he married the mermaid named Leila. They found a sea castle to live in and were the love of each other’s lives! They even had kids of their own – their son was a sawfish and their daughter an angelfish. One day, when their son had grew up, he met a beautiful mermaid. She said to him, “If you kiss me I will give you a surprise!” When the son kissed the mermaid, he turned into a human being and got sucked back up to the pond on the moon! When he woke up… Earl had dropped his fishing rod in the water, so he decided to go back home to his space apartment. “What a crazy fishing trip that was !” Earl exclaimed.

Savannah’s Great Adventure in Dreamland By Jaleesa

One October night In Hollywood, there was a little girl named Savannah. She said, “I wish I could have an adventure with SUPER HEROES that are named ‘Shark Boy’ and ‘Lava Girl’! So Savannah went to the window in her bedroom and saw a star shining. She made a wish and climbed into bed to go to sleep. When Savannah woke up, she saw ‘Shark Boy’ and ‘Lava Girl’ standing by her bed! “What are you doing here?” Savannah asked them. They answered, “You need to come with us to save Dreamland!” Before they left, they went to the kitchen and ate a bit of the chocolate chip cookies and were going to drink the milk but when ‘Lava Girl’ went to touch the jug of milk… it got burned up in her hands. Then they all left for Dreamland! When they got to Dreamland they went to the Rollercoaster to save the kids who were trapped on it. They stopped the rollercoaster and got all the kids off. Then they went through the food store and heard the big bad evil ‘Mr. Electric’ trying to find more kids. They tried to stop him by trying to kill him. Lava Girl tried to shoot HOT LAVA on him and Shark Boy tried to BITE HIM, BUT he did not die until Savannah came behind him and cut the wires that lead to all his power! Savannah was the hero of Dreamland! SO Shark Boy and Lava Girl brought Savannah back home. They put her back in her kitchen and she fell back asleep under the kitchen table. When mom and dad saw the mess in the kitchen… they said, “ YOU ARE GROUNDED Missy!” When Savannah went to school she told everyone about her great adventure. None of her friends believed her… but she knew the truth!
A Wandering Little King By Jared

Once upon a time in a beautiful Kingdom, in a galaxy far, far away… long, long, long, ago… was the biggest day of my life! It all started when I was on planet Earth and then I flew off in my red and black rocketship, to planet Mars. I went to try to rescue the ‘Little King’. He was locked up in a cage – where the Aliens had him captured. The next thing that happened was when I got to the planet Mars, I had to fight off the evil Aliens. After that I rescued the ‘Little King’ from the cage and he was very pleased! After that happened, we went back to planet Earth and we were very happy when we got back! From now on, the ‘Little King’ remembers that he should never wander away from his castle again. He promised that it would never ever ever happen again! The King and the Queen and their ‘Little King’… lived happily ever after.
The Robot Who Had One Hand by Ryan

Long long ago in a galaxy far far away, in the year 5012, there was a ROBOT named TOM. Tom didn’t know anything so he caused a lot of trouble in the town called ‘Redwood Meadows’. But no one will ever forget the disaster he had done that taught HIM a lesson! One terrible day, Tom the Robot was cutting some meat. He accidentally cut his hand off!!! So he hopped into his red sports car and zoomed as fast as he could – to get to the hospital. Suddenly he crashed into a big truck and his red car blew up! The ambulance came. Tom was almost dead but they kept him alive while the ambulance rushed him to the hospital. At the hospital, he did not know anything – he had gotten amnesia from the accident! The doctor’s had to give him a brain operation. After the operation, he did get his memory back. He decided he didn’t ever want to cut anything ever again …because he wanted to careful from that day on!
The Mountain Accident by Samantha

One day in the summer, my friend Leah and I were climbing a cliff, when she suddenly fell from the cliff into the river. She broke her arm and leg and she had to go to the hospital. She had to stay in the hospital for five days and then she was in a wheelchair for 20 weeks. I went to visit her. I brought her a big ‘baby blue’ shiny rock from the mountains and some of my Grandma’s delicious chocolate cake. When I visited we played games and all sorts of stuff. When Leah finally got let out of the hospital, she had to come home in a wheelchair. I went to Leah’s house to visit her, soon after she was back at home. We played ‘wheelchair’ basketball because she had to roll around in her wheelchair to play! Then we pushed her in her wheelchair, all the way to my house. We were sore from pushing it all that way! Then at my house, I helped her up the stairs and we went in the livingroom and watched TV. We played lots of video games, puzzles, and then we went on the computer. It was a long year for Leah, but she was strong and brave. When she got better and was out of the wheelchair, she said she was never going to climb a cliff ever again! Now she knows it could be dangerous and you could badly hurt yourself. From that day on… Leah and I NEVER climbed up cliffs or mountains again!
Cosmic Kidnapping by Savannah

In a galaxy far far away, there was a ‘City of Angels’. It was a glittery and shiny city and there was never any danger there. But one dark and stormy night, someone screamed, “AAAAAAaaaaaaahhhhhHHH!” The guard of the city, named Zachary, came up the long grey cold stairs of the King’s castle. He searched the whole castle and discovered that the gorgeous princess named Jaleesa had been captured by the Aliens! “We must do something! We should save her!” said Zachary. It all began with Zachary rounding up all the strong guards to go and save Princess Jaleesa. Then they got in their rocket and zoomed through hyper-space to try and locate the cruel hideous aliens. As they were flying in space, they saw the Aliens in an enormous spaceship. They followed their ship and flew down to the Alien’s planet. When they landed, they had an enormous war! All of a sudden… the guards noticed that the Aliens were all gone and they had won! But they still had to find the Princess! They went to rescue the gorgeous Princess Jaleesa once and for all. When they got to the place where the Alien’s had Jaleesa trapped, the door was locked, so Zachary said, “Let’s break it down!” Zachary got Jaleesa and they all went back to their in rocket to go back to the ‘City of Angels’. When they got back, Zachary the Guard, asked Princess Jaleesa to marry him and she said ‘Yes!” She had fallen in love with Zachary because he had saved her from the Aliens! The angels said, “This will be the biggest wedding ever in our city!” After Zachary and Jaleesa were married for 20 years they had 2 children. Their children grew up to keep ‘City of Angels’ safe – one of their children became the Chief of Police, and the other became Mayor. The Aliens knew not to go to the ‘City of Angels’ ever again!

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