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Grade 3M Family


The following are prayers written for the week dedicated to 'Random Acts of Kindness' (February 13-17, 2006).

Some of these prayers were chosen to be read for the school's daily prayer, on the intercom.


Brice’s Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Help us to be kind.
Help us to share with others.
Help us to be nice to others.

Our sister Delaina is going to another school. Help Delaina to make friends at her new school.

Thank you for helping us to be kind and true, Jesus.

I will share with others.

God is so GREAT!



Brittany’s Prayer

Oh Heavenly Angels,
Thank you for my family and friends.
Thank you for the earth, the food and the drinks.
Thank you for the love of everybody.
Thank you for my baby sister.

I ask for clean water for Africa.
I ask for my friend Delaina, to have new friends.
I ask for people to show kindness and to respect each other.

I will show kindness by playing with others.
I will help my friends catch up in their work.

I pray to you Angels, everyday.
I know you watch over my baby sister.

Glory to you above…


Cody’s Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for my grandma, my family, my baby nephew and my toys.

Thank you for my friend Jared.

God, you are good and loving.

I want to be a good friend and help other little children to be kind.

God please help me to be kind.

I love you God!


Delaina’s Prayer

Dear loving Jesus,
I ask you to keep Mrs. Monteith, Mrs. M, and the rest of the class, happy.

Thank you for caring for us Jesus! I am so thankful for my family and my friends.
I am thankful for my teachers and the chance to be with God!

I will show kindness everyday by helping people and caring for them.

Jesus, I love you so much!



Denzel’s Prayer

Loving God,
Thank you for food, homes, friends, family and YOU… GOD!

God, help me to do work at school.
Help people to be good and kind to each other.

I will try to be good.
I will work hard.
I will help Devon and my other friends.

God, You are so good.


Devon’s Prayer

Dear God,
I’m very happy and thankful for my family and my dog.

I like my school and my teachers.

Thank you for everyone who touches my life.

Thank you God… you are so loving, kind and caring.

Teach me to celebrate today, to be loving and helpful like you.

Praise to You Lord.

I will be kind to others.
I will smile and help my brothers.



Earl’s Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for life today.

I ask for my family to be okay.

I will do my best by helping others and respecting our community.

You are so loving God, because you forgave our sins.


Eldon’s Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for all you have done for us.

Help me in Math.

I promise I will try hard everyday.

I will remember to show kindness to all of Creation.

I praise you and give you glory.


Hyapatia’s Prayer

O Loving God,
God, You are so blessed.
God, You are so good.
God, You are so kind.

Thank you for the food.
Thank you for clothes.
Thank you for drinks.

I ask for all my friends to be blessed with kindness.

I will be good. I’m going to show kindness to my friends, by playing with them a lot.

All love to You, God


Jaleesa’s Prayer
Dear God,
I have so many things I’d like to thank you for.
Thank you for my beautiful family and my friends.
Please bless them.

I will be kind to others.

God is love.
God is great.

Thank you for all of the blessings.
Thank you for baby Jesus.


Jared’s Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for my baby brother.
I hope my little brother will get better.

Thank you for my mom.
I ask for my mom to feel better.

Thank you for my big brother.
He helps me at home.

I will be good at home.
I will be kind at home.

Thank you for helping me, God.

Thank you for the school.
I will be good at school.
I will catch up in my work.

Thank you for my friends.
I will share with others.
I will be kind.

Thank you for water and food.
Thank you for nature.

I will give praise to you Jesus and God.


Karrissa’s Prayer

Holy Creator God,
You are so full of love and the angels are full of love too.

Thank you for the food.
Thank you for the water.
Thank you for friends.
Thank you for our dad’s and mom’s.
Thank you for the school.
Thank you for the kids who learn with us.

I love you God and I love my mom.

I want the bullies to show kindness.

I will be nice to my dad and mom.

I love you God and mom.



Nathan’s Prayer

Thank you for heaven.
Thank you for the world.

I ask you to forgive those people who did something wrong.
I ask you God to help those people that are sick and can’t talk or walk.
I ask you God, to help those people that have no home.

I pray for kids that have no homes or moms and dads.
You are so giving to those kids who have no homes and live on the street, God.

Praise to you Lord, Jesus.

God, I’m sorry that Jesus had to die for us all.

To be kind, I will show respect to other kids.

Praise to You Jesus and God.


Robin’s Prayer

Oh Loving God and Heavenly Angels,

Thank you Guardian Angels for keeping me safe from evil.

Help others to be kind – show them that to care and to help will make our world a better place.

Dear God, thank you for my family.
Thank you for moms, dads, and children.
Thank you for my friends.
Thank you for food and water.
Thank you for YOU God!

To show kindness and love, I will help little kids to work in class, so they can do better in their work.

I love you so, so much.



Samantha’s Prayer

Dear God,
Thank-you for my family and for Jesus.

Thank you for making us in your world.

I ask for you to bless my family and care for us in the world.

You do love others in the world.
You do love others in your heart.
So do I.

I will love others with my heart and soul.

Praise Jesus and Mary our Mother.

Praise to You!


Samantha’s OTHER Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father,
You are the loved one.
Thank you for my family and friends… for all of them!
Now I have lots of friends!

Thank you for Jesus who taught kindness to others (and also me).

Thank you for showing your love to others and for teaching me how to love others.

I will respect my elders and my moshum and kokum. Thanks for making me!

Can you bless my family and I?
You do love me and I will love and treat others the same way you did to others.

Praise to You Mary our Mother and Jesus.
Can you help me to be kinder to my family and friends?

I love you!


Mrs. Monteith's 2006 Prayer for Kindness

Loving and Gracious Creator and Holy Family Above,

We call on you daily, to be close to us.
We need you to watch over us and help shield us from the darkness in the world around us.

Help us to make wise choices;
choices that are safe,
choices that are healthy,
choices that are loving and respectful
and choices that above all... are KIND to ourselves, to others, to the earth and to You, our family in heaven.

Thank you for all your love and protection.
Thank you for the many blessings that grace our days and nights.
Thank you for being a strength to us in need.

I will try my best each day, to do as you guide me to do.
I will try to always be listening for the way you want me to help in this world.
I will work hard to teach others about the LOVE and forgiveness you give to each one of us, everyday.

< I know that KINDNESS should happen everyday... and I will do all I can to make my life an example of your kindness to us.

All love, honour and praise to you, our Holy Family above,
In your name Creator,
and life everlasting...