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Grade 3 Family

praying angel

The following are prayers written for the end of our 2004-2005 school year together.

Some of these prayers were chosen to be read for the school's daily prayer, on the intercom, in the third week of June 2005.



Angelo's Prayer

Dear Lord,
Thank you for my friends, family and school.
I will never forget Grade 3 because of the field trip to Fort Edmonton. I liked to see the old cars - they are very cool!

I will always remember the Halloween party we had in Grade 3 and all the funny costumes.

Christmas holidays during my Grade 3 year, was really unforgettable too.

My best friend in Grade 3 is Matthew, because he is friendly and playful.

Lord please help all my friends to be happy on the summer holidays. I hope I can go swimming or for bike rides, with my friends over the summer. I like to ride my bike very fast on hills. I will keep everybody in my prayers.

In the summer time I am going to a 'Summer Camp'. I will learn about camping in the wild. I will learn about your creations, Lord. I like to see wild animals, flowers and rocks. I will collect different rocks. I will color them and keep them.

Dear Lord, I know you love me and you care for me. For that, I thank you and praise you. I am sorry for being disrespectful sometimes.

With you, I discover lots of things and wonders.

Everyday I give praise to you Lord.


Ben’s Prayer
Dear Great Lord Above,
Thank you for all the kindness and love you have given me.

I(We) need help as you can see. Show me(us) the path of PEACE, so that I(we) can do well in school, and get excellent marks for the end of the school year.

I (We) will be kind and truthful to others, as I (we) wish to be treated from them.

My favorite part of this school year was the field trip. I’ll never forget when we went to Fort Edmonton Park. Thank you for the blessings of that day.

Great Spirit above, I (we) hope you have a lovely and wonderful time watching over all of us.

Praise to You, Holy Spirit.


Brittney’s Prayer
Dear God,

Thank you for the world and clothes.
Thank you for the animals.
Thank you for the water, the sun, the moon and the stars.

I will never forget this year in Grade 3, when I had fun with my friends.

Help everybody to learn and help everyone to do their work, in the years of school to come. Next year, I will help my sister to do her homework.

Let my friends and family, have a safe summer.

This summer I am going to go to Yellowknife for a month. I am going to see my cousin Breanna. She has a hamster.

For you God, I will:

- help my mom, sister, and friends
- help my mom clean up
- do the laundry
- cut the grass
- water the plants
- go to bed early at night
- take care of my Aunty’s dog, Jessica. (I will take her for a walk and feed her.)

Thank you for taking care of my family, God.


Charlie’s Prayer
Dear God,

Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for Mother Nature.

Some of my special memories of Grade 3 are learning new things, my birthday, and being in Mrs. Monteith’s class.

Please could I have a good safe summer holidays.

I love you God.

Over the summer I will pray to you and listen to my parents.


D’Angelo’s Prayer
Dear God,

Please help me to focus and listen to my Elders, my family and those who are trying to help me. Help my friends to focus also.

Thank you Lord for helping my mom when she was in the hospital and for helping me and my brother, too.

I love the angels above me. They look out for me.

This summer I am going to pray twice a night – My ‘Our Father’, ‘Hail Mary’.

I will never forget the day this year, when I got a concussion! I will always remember my ‘Award for Bravery’.

Glory Be to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


Kalicia’s Prayer
Holy God,

Bless all the people.
I have an angel that helps me.
My angel cries for blessings for people who hurt.

Help us to be wise people.

All blessings Holy God.

Grant that my mom, K.K. Boo, Ty, Dad, the teachers and the students, all receive Your blessings.

In your Holy name………………


Lacee’s Prayer
Dear Heavenly Family,

Thank you for the beautiful trees and flowers.
Thank you for the cute creatures.
Thank you for our family and friends.

I hope I get great marks next year (like I did this year) in school. I hope my friends come back to this school next year.

This summer I will be listening to the Lord Jesus. I will help all the people that are sick.

I will never forget my friends and teachers from Grade 3.

Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ.


Lance’s Prayer
O Lord,
We love You.

I like BCR School and my teachers.
Mrs. M and Mrs. Monteith are so loving to us.
We have so much fun.
I love my class and the school.

I will not forget my school days of Grade 3.


Matthew’s Prayer
Dear God,
Thank you for the teachers and the kids.

Thank you for the people in heaven and on earth.

I wish for people to live forever but the earth is not that big for a lot of people, so some of the people are in heaven.

In the summer I will help my brothers and I will help my little brothers with their homework next school year.

I wish I could come to this school again next year, but my mom said I have to go to a different school next year.

I will pray every night for my friends forever. I wish for my friends and family to have a safe summer and a good future for the people that are going to a new school, like me and my brother Andrew.

My special memories of this year are my classroom, the people, my friends and my teacher at Ben Calf Robe School.



Raven’s Prayer
Dear God,

Thank you for the food.
Thank you for clothing.
Thank you for our hearts.
Thank you for my nice teacher.
Thank you for the sun, the moon and the stars.

Thank you for all the special things that happened to me with my mom and dad. On Saturday I went swimming with my dad. I saw my friend Brittney.

I’ll never forget grade 3 because I got three Award Certificates and because of all the movies I saw this year in ‘A-Team’. I’ll never forget going to Fort Edmonton Park. I had a lot of fun!

I ask that you bring back my friends that are away because they are important to me.

I promise to clean my room and I’ll try to do what my dad asks me to do. I often keep this promise because I help my dad clean the house and I helped my dad to cook a really good supper. My dad cooked burgers and potatoes.

My dad always gets Jordan and I up, to go to school in the morning. We always watch the news in the morning until the bus comes. Then we give dad a hug and we go to school.

Thank you God, for such a loving dad.

I’ll try my best on all my school work – for my dad and YOU God!

Praise to you God


Roman’s Prayer
Thank you Jesus for all the help.
Thank you for Mrs. Monteith being the best teacher.

This year Jesus I learned to multiply and divide. I am also a good story writer. I work hard everyday. Thank You Jesus that I can go to school and work. Some children in other countries have to work instead of going to school.

Praise to You Lord Jesus Christ. The Ben Calf Robe students give praise, because at our school we have Thursday Cubs and Monthly Achievement Awards. This year I got two of these awards. Thank You Jesus.

I also liked the field trip to Fort Edmonton Park. I enjoyed going in the houses and stores; especially the Ukrainian store! My dad is Ukrainian and I have a Gido named Roman.

Jesus, help Ben Calf Robe School students to not run in the hall. This will help the students get a hundred percent on their tests, and will also help Penny to hear, when she is at work in the office.

I hope that everyone, all the Ben Calf Robe staff and students, will have a terrific and safe vacation. Please Jesus, tell Ben Calf Robe students’ parents, to take their children somewhere fun this summer. I am going to see my Papa in B.C. for the whole summer because he has stomach cancer. Maybe while we are there, we will visit my Uncle Henry and Aunty Kim.

For you God, over the summer, I will clean the car and vacuum the seats. I will pray for things God has made for us. I will stop teasing my sister.

I wish everyone to have a long happy life. For all our blessings, we give thanks and praise...


Sage’s Prayer
Dear Lord,
Bless us and let us have a safe summer.

We praise Your name and give thanks to You, our Heavenly Family.

Bless my friends.
Thank You for Mrs. Monteith.
Thank You for everything.

Mother Earth, we thank you for the trees, the plants and the flowers. Thank You for the little animals and the big animals.

It is the end of this school year and I will never forget all that I have done, heard and seen and learned.

I will never forget to pray on the holidays.


Shania S.’s Prayer
O Heavenly God,

O Lord You make the creatures of the sky and land. You give us trees and flowers.

Thank you for the food we eat.

Thank you Heavenly God for this school year. Thank you for my friends and family.
I hope my friends will have a safe summer and a good summer too!

At the end of this school year, I get to see my big sister.

During the summer I will help my mom and dad.

This year I learned to spell and handwrite.

I think the best time of this year is when I met my friends.

All Praise and Glory to You, O Heavenly God.


Shania T.’s Prayer
Dear God,

I thank you for the earth, for the moon, the flowers, the animals and the people.
Thank you for friendship and wisdom.

I will never forget my friends and teachers. This year, I liked when my teacher was reading stories to us. Those stories helped us to write our Provincial Exams. My favorite story was ‘Red Parka Mary’ by Peter Eyvindson.

I hope I get great marks next year in school! I hope my friends come back to this school next year.

This summer I will pray for the poor and sick.

Thank you Lord.
Praise to you Lord.


Tanena's Prayer

O Dear Lord,

Thank you for all the beautiful flowers
and all the heavenly hours.

And at the end of this school year...
We know that we shall not fear.

And as God's heart is burning with love on fire...
Know that our love is what He will desire!

I will never forget at the end of this year...
How great are my memories... that I'll always hold dear.

Praise to You in God's Name


Wayne’s Prayer
Thank you Lord for this school year.
I will never forget my friends Roman, D’Angelo, Charlie, Angelo, Lance, Ben, and Matt (all the boys in my class).

Thank you Lord for helping me in school.

This year, I really enjoyed my field trip to Fort Edmonton and the ride on the old train. The whistle was funny and the Haunted House there, was cool!

Thank you Lord for family, food and fun that we have together.

I love you Lord and give praise to you for all the wonders you have created.

Over the summer I will pray to You Lord. I will help my people and I will keep learning over the summer too.

Next year I will do my school homework so that I can grow even more than I did this year.