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Grade 3 Spring Stories
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The following stories were written as a 'Spring' creative writing assignment, completed by our class of students in the 2004-2005 school year.

These stories were created by the students to practice for their Provincial Government Achievement Test on Story Writing

We hope you enjoy reading them!

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Angelo’s Story...
The Great Wars

Long ago in a country, there was a war of Elves versus the Trolls. The Trolls had won this war.

Twenty years later, there was another war. This time there was more than just Elves…there was better warriors. The warriors helped the Elves. The Elves won this time! The ate all the Trolls and shared them with their warrior helpers.

Years later, the new Trolls saw the Elves and they started a war with them. In this war, the Elves used ‘Killer Cats’ to help them. The Trolls won his war, and ate all the ‘Killer Cats’.

Twenty years from that war, the Elves and the Trolls had another war. They all used bows and arrows, swords and boulders. This war was a very long war! At the end of it…the ‘GOOD GUYS’ won.

Who were the ‘GOOD GUYS’?

Well that’s up to you to figure out!

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Ben’s Story...
The Village of the Dark Woods

In a country far, far away (so far that the fastest man on earth couldn’t run to it!) was a place called, “Village of the Dark Woods”.

Everyone tried to go to the village, but then they would get extremely tired, and never get there.

But one man named “Thunder Jack”, got to be in a huge race (SO BIG that some people had to wait to start running in the race) to the “Village of the Dark Woods”!

First they had to climb a huge soft wall. The first to be done, was the mysterious “Thunder Jack”!

On the other side of the wall, was the woods. “Thunder Jack” tried to go through the woods. All of the wolves in the forest, tried to kill him, but “Jack” ran into a cave. This cave turned out to be “the Village of the Dark Woods”!

At the end of the cave, was a humongous pot of GOLD! “Thunder Jack” took it and ran back through the cave of “the Village of the Dark Woods”.

“Thunder Jack” raced back through the forest, and safely passed by all the wolves. Then “Jack” climbed the wall and spent all of his winnings on a mansion!

That’s how “Thunder Jack” became the richest man in that town!

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Charlie’s Story...
The Rich Ugly Yellow-toothed Troll

Long, long ago, there was an ugly yellow-toothed troll, living under a broken bridge in the haunted ugly forest.

The troll’s name was “Liger”.

Liger wanted gold…so when people walked on the broken bridge, their golden money fell out of their pretty wallets.

One dark night, Liger went exploring for food. While he was exploring, he found a dead bird. He was so hungry that he ate it. Then he got a huge stomach ache, from eating the dead bird!

He went to go lay in his ugly broken bed, to try and feel better, but it just got worse. He was in so much pain, that he puked! That helped his stomach ache to feel better.

The next morning it started to rain, so Liger went outside to wait for it to stop raining.

When the rain stopped, he saw a rainbow!

He went over his bridge to get to the rainbow and the pot of gold. Liger was running as fast as he could, to get to the end of the rainbow!

Finally, he found the gold! It was in a dark, black pot.

Liger took the gold and he went back to his broken bridge, to plan the shopping trip he was going to have, to spend all his gold on everything he always wanted.

Liger was no more…the mean ugly scary troll. He bought a new house with some of his gold… so he didn’t have to live under the broken bridge anymore!

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D’Angelo’s Story...
The Cursed Family

Long ago, a man was camping in the woods near Edmonton. His name was Max. His wife was also with him.

When the man went fishing, a fish came and said, “You will never catch me!”

“I WILL catch you fish!!” the man answered.

The fish swam away…but when the fish came back…the man jumped out, caught the fish, cooked him and ate him all up!

The fish turned out to be poison. Both the man and his wife got sick and died.

The paramedics came and brought their bodies to the hospital. Both the man and his wife were brought back alive again.

When the man and wife were both feeling better…they went to the zoo. They saw a cursed snake, so the man shot him.

Then they both went to a plane that they thought was taking them to a safer place.

They didn’t know that the plane was taking them to Africa!

Africa was full of dangerous wild animals and the husband and wife decided that HOME is the BEST place to be! So back they went… to their safe house in Edmonton.

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Lacee’s Story...
Timothy’s Adventures – A Visit to the Jungle

One beautiful summer day long ago, there was a little girl named Emily. Emily had a little puppy named Timothy. Timothy was a smart dog! Emily and her dog, lived in a village near a jungle.

“Oh no!” said Emily. “Where is Timothy?” she worried. “Timothy!!!” Emily screamed out loud.

Timothy was in a weird house in the village.

“Oh who is this dog?” asked the lady who lived in the weird house. “It must belong in the jungle.”

So the lady brought Timothy to the jungle. Timothy was sad.

Then Timothy saw Emily! “Woof woof!!!” Timothy barked.

Emily heard her dog’s voice. She was so happy that she found him!!! “This will never happen again Timothy! I won’t let you out of my sight!”

When they got back to their home, they got ready for their trip. It was summer vacation, and they were going on a plane to visit their friends.

Did Timothy stay inside his dog carrier on the plane?

That’s another story…

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Lance’s Story...
School’s Cool!

One school day, a boy named Lance brought his dog to school with him.

When they got to school, they went into the gym and played.

All the kids thought it was funny that Lance’s dog was playing in the gym at school. Ben, Lance’s best friend, was playing with them too.

When the bell rang, Ben and Lance started running and chasing the girls. Lance’s dog followed along too! He thought this was a funny race!

The girls and boys tried to hide behind the school, but the barking gave away their hiding spot!

When the principal found them all, he told Lance to take his dog back home.

“School is cool!” thought Lance’s dog. He gave Lance a BIG kiss for letting him have this adventure!

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Matthew’s Story...
Haunted by the Bunny

A long, long time ago, in a very, very old school, a kid named Angelo was looking around (when no one was supposed to be there).

Angelo could hear sounds coming from the lunch room. He got so scared…that he ran out of the school.

When he didn’t feel scared anymore…he decided to go back into the old school. He went by the lunch room…and no one was there!

Then Angelo went down the stairs. It was very, very dark downstairs. Luckily, Angelo always carries a little flashlight on his keychain. He turned on the flashlight and saw a man with a scary clown face (it was only a clown made out of cardboard)! Angelo took off running, back up the stairs!!!

Then Angelo heard sounds coming from the storage room. He opened the storage room door and out popped a bunny! That scared him to death…but made him laugh too!

Angelo picked up the bunny and started walking back by the lunch room. He realized the sounds he heard were not the scary clown man…but the bunny!

When Angelo came home with the bunny, his mom and dad told Angelo to let the bunny go back to Mother Nature.

Nobody goes to that very, very old school anymore. Not even ‘monster bunnies’!

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Raven’s Story...
Saving the Beautiful Princess

Long, long ago in a big huge castle, a princess was yelling, “HELP! HELP!!”

A knight heard the princess, so he hopped on his horse and rushed to the princess.

When he got there, he ran up the stairs of the castle. As soon as he got to the top of the stairs, he saw a huge prickly dragon, trying to knock down the door to the princess’ room!

The knight grabbed his sword and showed it to the dragon. Suddenly the dragon stopped, and went back to where he came from. He did not want the knight to attack him with that sword!

After the dragon fled, the knight knocked nicely on the princess’ door and said, “Oh beautiful princess! Please let me in! I am here to rescue you! The dragon is gone now…but he might come back.”

When the knight found her, she was laying on her bed shaking and scared. He walked closer to her and touched her hand gently. She stood up and they both walked down the stairs. They hopped on the knight’s horse and rode away to his home.

The beautiful princess fell in love with the knight and they got married. They stayed close together, everyday, for the rest of eternity.

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Roman’s Story...
Demons Go “Bye-Bye!”

One exciting day in the year 4028, a clan of 5000 demons, came to attack mankind.

When the demons came, they attacked with light sabers.

The people tried to fight back, but the demons were too strong!

Then the humans scared the demons when they brought out their laser lights and spears.

The demons were so scared of these ‘old fashioned’ weapons…that they ran away. They went back to their planet to go see their boss, to tell him that they could not capture the humans.

They decided not to go back… and stayed at their own planet.

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Shania T’s Story...
To Go On Vacation

Long, long ago there was a boy named Tom. Tom had a dog. It’s name was Snowball. Snowball was a smart dog that could jump really high!

Tom was excited because he was going on a vacation!

After Tom and Snowball played in the field, they went home to get ready to go on the plane.

To be continued…

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Wayne’s Story...
Dawn of the Dead

A long time ago, on my birthday, we went to Texas.

While we were in Texas, we went to the desert that was far, far away, near the “Village of the Dead”.

If you go there, you have to be very careful not to get bitten by a scorpion. When we were there, we caught a scorpion in the desert. This scorpion bit my mom! We had to rush her to the hospital. She almost died!!!

When we got to the hospital, the doctors warned us… “the ZOMBIES are coming out tonight…so it’s a good thing you are here instead of out there in the desert. If they try to come in here…we will shoot them!”

Later that night, as mom was starting to get better from her scorpion bite… some ZOMBIES did try to come into the hospital. They did get shot by the security and this made the 6:00 news in Texas.

We all had a celebration in the hospital.

I will never forget the “Dawn of the Dead!”

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More Stories...
Coming Soon!

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