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Happy St. Patrick's Day

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3M Family St. Patrick's Day Stories

The following stories were written as a 'St Patrick's Day' creative writing assignment, completed by our class of students in the 2004-2005 school year.

These stories were their first serious attempt at preparing for the year-end Provincial Examinations in Story Writing.


One of the only requests made to the students in this assignment, was to somehow include 'St. Patrick' in their story.

We hope you enjoy reading the WIDE VARIETY of stories included here! As their teacher... I was completely entertained!


The Jail Game
By Angelo

Once in a big city, St. Patrick saw that CJ was shooting cops.

St. Patrick helped the cops to try and catch CJ .

CJ finally did get caught and went to jail.

When CJ got out of jail, he met up with Ryder, Big Smoke and Sweet (they were some really bad dudes!) and they went and stole some cars. The police were chasing after them, and got killed trying to catch them.

St. Patrick needed to help the cops once again.

The four criminals went back to their ‘hood’ and their gang members helped them kill the other cops that came looking for them.

St. Patrick got the army to come and help the cops get CJ, Ryder, Big Smoke and Sweet.

This time they did get caught and were sent to jail…FOR GOOD!!!


St.Patrick Saves the Village!
by Ben

One HOT summer day, Mr.Night was fighting SCREAM, because SCREAM murdered some people who were trying to help their village.

St.Patrick saw them fighting, so he helped Mr.Night fight SCREAM.

The villagers were scared, so they went in their houses to hide.

Some villagers wanted to help Mr. Night and St. Patrick.

Some villagers tried to help.

Some villagers got killed.

Some people had set traps to catch SCREAM. St. Patrick saw these, and pushed SCREAM into one of the traps. When he did this… everyone got to see SCREAM’s face, behind the mask he wore.

It turned out to be one of the people from the village.

He went to jail.


Rich Girl - Poor Girl
by Brittney

Long ago, there was a little Leprechaun named Lucky. He lived in a small house in the deep green forest.

A little girl named D'Angelina came walking through the forest and saw the little Leprechaun. She wanted the Leprechaun's gold, but Lucky the Leprechaun did not want to give her the gold. He told her it was at the end of the rainbow.

The next day, it rained. When the rain stopped, the D'Angelina saw the rainbow, but she did not see the gold!

The D'Angelina went back into the woods, got mad at Lucky and asked, "Where's the gold???"

Lucky answered, "I can't tell you!!!"

Then D'Angelina said, "I will do anything to find it - so please tell me!"

He told her it was in the den of a scary old wolf. This wolf eats anyone who goes near its home.

So that night, she tiptoed into the wolf's den. The gold was all the way at the end of the den. As she snuck up to it... she tripped over a rock and the wolf WOKE UP!!!

The wolf began looking for her in his den!

The D'Angelina pushed the rock, grabbed the gold, and ran for her life!

The D'Angelina got away with the gold and became rich! She used the gold to buy everything she wanted!

When all the gold was gone and used up...the Leprechaun came to D'Angelina.
"I want the gold back!" he said.

She answered, "I don't have it anymore. I spent it all!"

"That's o.k.," answered Lucky, "I have lots more gold now anyway! I just wanted to get back what was mine. Too bad you didn't save some... I would have given you more! That's what you get for being GREEDY!"

Lucky the Leprechaun lived happily (and RICHLY) ever after... but D'Angelina lived sadly (and POORLY) ever after!


Michael the Leprechaun
By Charlie

A long time ago in Ireland, there was a Leprechaun named Michael. He had a moustache and he was old. He was 86 years old. He was short and skinny. He lived on top of a big hill, in the bushes (where no one could see him or catch him). Michael had a secret. It was a pot of gold that he kept hidden. It was hidden underneath a bridge.

Some people inside a school, were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. One girl was not wearing green She got pinched, tickled, and pushed around by some kids at school.

Michael could see this with his Leprechaun powers. He ran down the hill to go to the school and help the girl. He used his magic powers to give her a green clover on her head. When this appeared…the kids stopped picking on her because she was now wearing green!

After that, Michael went back to his hill and counted his gold. Then it started raining and a rainbow came out.

The girl who had been helped by the Leprechaun, saw the rainbow and followed it. Then she caught Michael the Leprechaun by the foot, and this meant that he had to give up his gold to her!

“Wait a minute!” Michael shouted, “You owe me!”

“What do I owe you for?” asked the girl.

“I saved you today!” Michael answered.

“When did you save me?” she asked,

“At school! Remember all the pinches, tickling and pushing around you got? Well I saved you from that …with one of my clovers!” he explained.

“It was YOU who put the clover on my head???” the girl said with surprise.

“YES. I wanted to help you.” He replied.

“Well, then I do owe you. So I guess I better let you keep your gold!” she admitted.

“OH THANK YOU!!!” Michael the Leprechaun said.

Both the girl and Michael the Leprechaun, lived happily ever after as GOOD FRIENDS!


Two Towers and the Return of the King
by D'Angelo

A thousand years ago, Aregon, Legoless and Gimley, went to Thangon Forest.

They split up and went to find Awx. Then they found them. They attacked them.

So 22 Awx came and Gandalf appeared. He helped them fight. Then they went to Helmsdy. They had war against the Awx and Orki.

The day of war came. They fought with spears and arrows. They also had swords and boulders.

They won!!! They had the freedom of Middle Earth!

Next they met up with Frodo and Sam. Then they saw Smeagle, Mammas and Horry Trontus.

(There's still more to come...)

Then they met up with Farmeer. They shot the Trontas with arrows. Gandalf, Aregon, Legoless and Gimley, went to Mount Dew.

They had war. The Orki brought ladders and put them on the wall of the castle. Then they had to kick them down. Legoless, Gimley, and Aregon had to attack them with arrows, when more of the Orki came.

Then they won!!! They had the freedom of Middle Earth, back to them again.

St. Patrick came to the celebration and gave them all a special blessing. The freedom of Middle Earth would be protected by this blessing for 1000 years.


Saved by Peaches!
by Kalicia

Once upon a time, on a sunny day, there was a Leprechaun. He had hidden a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Everybody kept looking for the pot of gold, but nobody found it!

There was one little girl that kept on searching for it. Everyday she took snacks with her. Wherever she wanted to go searching, her mother would let her go.

She thought that if she found the pot of gold, she would trade it in for some food.

Nobody knew that the pot of gold was actually chocolate covered coins!

The little girl wanted to know where that pot of gold was…she would not give up searching until she found it!

One day, the Leprechaun came to town. He was looking for his money because he didn’t know where it was. He thought the little girl might have finally found it!

Meanwhile, the little girl was at the Leprechauns’s home (where there was plenty of gold!) and she found golden clovers that were made of chocolate and caramel! Even the television was made out of chocolate!

When it was St. Patrick’s Day, the Leprechaun was going to give all the people his chocolate and REAL money! When he couldn’t find the little girl in town, he knew where it had to go!

At the end of the Leprechauns’s house, there was a mean dragon that didn’t like anyone! The little girl did not know it was there, so when she tried to leave…the dragon came out of his cave and ran up to her! She was TERRIFIED! She zipped and zagged and ran like crazy!

Just then the little girl remembered that she had peaches in her bag and that dragons liked peaches! She dropped her bag and the peaches fell out. All that was left was a few peaches! She hoped those peaches would give her enough time to escape!

When she got home, she told her mom she learned a lesson. “I am never going to go anywhere there is trouble!”

She only had one peach left at home, but her mom had baked some cookies to eat.

The little girl and her mom lived happily (and safely) ever after!

The Leprechaun and his golden chocolates lived happily and safely after too…thanks to his pet the Dragon!


When the Leprechaun Came to Visit!
by Lacee

One beautiful summer day, there was a Leprechaun named Zippy! Zippy was a nice Leprechaun. Zippy loved children!

That day, Zippy saw a little boy itting down on a BIG rock. Zippy walked to the little boy and said,
"What are you doing?"

"I am bored!" answered the little boy.

Zippy then asked him,
"What is your name?"

"My name is Tommy," the boy replied, "and what is YOUR name?"

"My name is Zippy!" answered the Leprechaun.

"Hey Zippy..." Tommy continued, "Do you want to come to have lunch at my house?"

"Okay!" said the Leprechaun. (Zippy was sooooo...happy because he did not have a friend!)

"Come on!" called Tommy.

"I am coming!" Zippy called back.

As they walked to Tommy's house, they were talking and getting to know each other.

When they got to Tommy's house, the Leprecaun asked,
"What are we going to have for lunch?"

"We are going to have an apple, sandwiches and milk." Tommy answered.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." said Zippy.

"Mmmmmmmmm..." said Tommy.

Zippy and Tommy both said,

After they were finished eating, Tommy said,
"Hey! Let's play a game!"

"Okay," Zippy agreed, "but what game are we going to play?"

"How about Hide and Seek?" Tommy suggested.

"Okay," agreed Zippy, "let's play!"

After their game of Hide and Seek, they played Tag. After Tag, Tommy offered to play Zippy a game of Monopoly.

Zippy was having soooooo... much fun, but he was getting tired!

"Don't go!" begged Tommy, "I can ask if you can sleep over!"

"Okay!" said Zippy.

When Tommy asked his mom if Zippy could stay, she said it would be fine.

They went to sleep.

In the morning, Zippy asked if they could have some breakfast.

"Sure!" Tommy answered.

"What can we have for breakfast?" asked Zippy.

"How about bacon and eggs with a glass of milk?"

"MMMMMMMMMM..." Zippy said excitedly.

"MMMMMMMMMM..." Tommy agreed.

After breakfast...

( be continued...)


Jack and the Leprechaun
by Lance

A long time ago, on a special St. Patrick's Day, on the northside of Edmonton, a boy named Jack saw a Leprechaun on a hill. The Leprechaun was trapped in a cage.

Jack went in search of the key to the cage.

He searched and searched, until he found the key, hanging on the branch of a glowing golden bush!

When Jack tried to get the key off the branch, the branch came alive and grabbed his hand!!!

The other branches of the bush threw the key into the river. Then the branch let go of Jack.

Jack ran to the river and dived in. He swam underwater and looked for the key at the bottom of the rocky river.

Just then... a BIG blue fish ATE the key!!!

"O-gulp-h-gulp-h-h N-gulp-n-gulp-o-gulp-oo!" gulped Jack.

He followed the fish and then the fish finally spit out the key. It flew through the water, into the air, and landed on a rock on the shore of the river.

Jack swam out of the river and found the key on top of that rock. He grabbed the key and discovered he was LOST!!!

Jack started to cry.

That made a magical fairy come to him and say,
"Follow me...Jack!"

The fairy started to take him back to the hill where the cage was.

Jack used the key to open the cage, and the Leprechaun said,
"Thank you Jack!"

They became best friends forever...happily ever after.


Bugs Bunny Saves Futurama
By Matthew

In December 3006, in the city of Futurama, the Black Men (a gang of futuristic evil-doers) said to their leader,
“When will we kill that BIG tooth Looney Tune Bugs Bunny?”

“As soon as we kill that Black furry Dragon and his friend the Blue Fairy!” answered their leader Devil. “Then we’ll have control over the whole city of Futurama!”

Bugs Bunny found out about the plan to have him and his friends killed. So, Bugs Bunny went to find some guns to protect himself and his friends, the Black Dragon and the Blue Fairy.

Bugs Bunny found some guns in his storage room, downstairs in his house.

Then Bugs Bunny went into action! He put on his armoured suit and went to save his friends!

First he went to give some weapons to his friends.

Bugs Bunny jumped through the wall of the Black Men Gang’s hideout and began to shoot! He had caught the gang by surprise!

Then the Black Men Gang tried to shoot Bugs Bunny, but the bullets jumped off his armoured suit! The Black Dragon and the Blue Fairy came into the hideout, right after Bugs Bunny. They helped Bugs Bunny to shoot the whole gang dead!

After this whole shootout…St. Patrick (the mayor of Futurama) rewarded Bugs Bunny, the Black Dragon and the Blue Fairy, with one wish each!

Bugs Bunny wished for a lifetime supply of carrots!

Black Dragon wished for a flame-thrower, so he wouldn’t get so many sore throats from spitting fire!

Blue Fairy wished for a world where everyone was happy, with no more bad guys!

Bugs Bunny, Black Dragon and Blue Fairy formed their own gang – BUT they ruled the city with KINDNESS not killing!


Golden Hill – Safe At Last!
By Raven

One sunny day in a fine village named Golden Hill, a small Leprechaun (who loved chocolate) was asleep in the tall grass, on top of a hill.

St. Patrick was in his house, asleep also.

Some villagers went to buy jewelry at the village jewelry store (because there was a sale – GOLD was half price!!!)

At the store, a man came in with a mask on his head.

All of a sudden, St. Patrick was startled awake by a scream!

He came out of his house and saw a man with a bag in his hand.

St. Patrick tried to go after him, but he couldn’t catch him. The man ran up a hill. While he was running, he tripped over a Leprechaun.

The Leprechaun woke up and stopped the man.

St. Patrick ran up the hill to the two of them and took the mask off the man’s face.

The man was not one of the villagers.

St. Patrick and the Leprechaun brought the man back to the jewelry store and made him give back everything he had taken from the store and the villagers.

The people did not want him in their village if he was evil like that…so they threw him out of town!

Then the villagers lived happily ever after…thanks to St. Patrick and the Leprechaun!


Battle in Haven City
By Roman

Once there was a war between Jak and Daxster versus St. Patrick in Ireland.

While they were fighting, they were teleported to a place called Haven City. St. Patrick said,
“What is this place?”

Jak answered, “This is my world!”

Then Jak turned into ‘Dark Jak’.

Daxster ran away.

Then Jak attacked St. Patrick. St. Patrick pulled out a shot gun. So Jak pulled out a scatter gun.

St. Patrick said, “I surrender!”. Jak shot at him anyways. St. Patrick dodged it and shot at Jak.

“Ha! I tricked you!” Jak teased. Jak took off his body armour and said, “Good night St. Patrick!” and shot again at St. Patrick.

Then Jak got killed by St. Patrick’s friends and St. Patrick never fought again.

Daxster threw a nuke at Ireland, then went back to Haven City.

Daxster was soon arrested and sent to jail.


Wearing o' the GREEN!
by Sage

Once upon a time, there was a girl that was not wearing GREEN clothes, on St. Patrick's Day.

People and kids were saying mean things to her.

She went home and put GREEN clothes on.

Then she had a happy St. Patrick's Day!

That night, she went for a walk in the woods. She got LOST! She started yelling for help,
"Help me!!!!"

Somebody saw her and helped her.
"It's a lucky thing you were wearing that color of helped me see you!" the person said.

From that St. Patrick's day on... the girl NEVER forgot to wear GREEN on this special day!


Alex and the Leprechaun

By Shania S.

Once upon a time, there was a little fairy named Alex. She had no friends. She was so sad!!!

All of a sudden, a little Leprechaun came to see what was wrong. “What’s the matter little fairy?”

“I have no friends!” she sobbed.

The little Leprechaun told her to follow him.

"Where are you taking me?" Alex asked.

"I am taking you to the end of the rainbow!" the Leprechaun answered.

Alex asked, "What's at the end of the rainbow?"

The Leprechaun replied, "A pot of gold is at the end of the rainbow!"

Alex asked him, "Why are you taking me there?"

"So we can get the pot of gold, of course!" the Leprechaun answered.

All of a sudden, they bumped into a dragon! The dragon started to chase them, so they ran until the dragon ran out of breath.

When they stopped, they saw a deep, dark, tunnel. They went into the tunnel and started walking towards the end of it.

When they got to the end of the tunnel, they found they were at the foot of a huge mountain! They climbed all the way up the mountain...and down the other side of the mountain.

When they got to the bottom of the other side of the mountain... they saw the pot of gold!!!

They went back home with the pot of gold.

After that day...the little girl named Alex...ALWAYS had a friend to play with!


Lucky Clover
By Slade

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Randy. He was the biggest and strongest boy in his class.

One day on his way to school, he saw a little boy named Brandon. Brandon was crying.

“Why are you sad?” Randy asked.

“I’m scared. I didn’t wear green today and the children will pinch me!” answered Brandon.

“I will help you!” said Randy. “Let’s look in the bus shelter.”

When they did, they saw a little green clover.

“Take this clover with you,” continued Randy, “then the girls will not pinch you!”

Brandon was so happy that Randy had saved him from the pinches!

“ I would like to play with you at lunch time Brandon,” Randy offered.

Brandon smiled.

Randy and Brandon played soccer with the other boys.


Lucky's Gold
by Tanena

On a hot summer day, Lucky the Leprechaun saw a green forest and decided to go into the green forest.

When he was in the forest, he saw a little girl. She told him her name was Stacey and he told her his name was Lucky.

She asked him where his gold was.

He answered, “I’m not going to tell you where my gold is!!!”

Then she asked, “Why not?”

He replied, “WHY do you want to know where my gold is?”

Then the Stacey continued, “So I can be a rich girl and my family can have some money too!”

Lucky the Leprechaun still said, “NO!!!”

Stacey was sad and started crying.

Then Lucky the Leprechaun said, “Okay I will tell you where my gold is, only if you stop crying!” (Leprechauns hate the sound of little girl’s crying!)

Then Stacey said, “Okay I will stop.”

Lucky told her where the gold was, “It’s at the end of the rainbow!”

After a few days, it started raining. After it rained, a rainbow appeared, and Stacey went to the end of the rainbow to get the gold!

Stacey and her whole family were excited.

Stacey’s family and Lucky the Leprechaun …lived happily ever after!


Detective St. Patrick - On Duty!
by Wayne

CJ is a BAD man. He stoled a car.

Detective St. Patrick stopped him and gave the car back.

CJ got arrested, but he broke out of jail.

Then CJ killed two people and drove off.

The cops were following him.

Again Detective St. Patrick stopped him. He used his powers to throw CJ's getaway car, up into the air!

CJ fell out of the car and landed in the water, under the bridge.

BIG SMOKE (another BAD man who had killed a cop) came along. He rescued CJ and put him in his van.

Detective St. Patrick wrote down the license plate number and got the CIA and a SWAT team after them.

CJ and BIG SMOKE got busted.

Another case closed...thanks to Detective St. Patrick!


MORE STORIES coming soon!