Grade 3M's
Prayers to Mary
...our Mother in Heaven


The following prayers were written in the month of May, which is the month we remember Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and our Mother in Heaven

SOme of these prayers were read over our school's intercom for the morning daily prayer, in the week of May 20-23, 2003

Enjoy our prayers of gratitude and love honouring Mary!

Danielleís Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary,

I thank you for food, shelter, water, clothing, love and all the things I need.

I praise you and I love you.

Iím sorry for not being there, the day you died.

DJís Prayer to Mary

Thank you Dearest Mary!
Thank you for being my mother and looking after me, Mary.
Thank you for being in my heart, too.

Iím sorry I disobeyed my mom and dad and made them worry about me.

I will try to listen more often.
I will work harder at school and at home.

You are so wonderful for looking after me, for helping others, and for helping me to help others.

Help me to do all my work.
In your Holy Sonís NameÖI praise you Mary.

Dylanís Prayer to Mary

Hail Mary
Iím thankful for food, water, parents, teachers and all animals.

Iím sorry that Iím not nice to all people.

Mary, please can I get more YUGIO cards?

Iíll stop picking on my brother.

You are wonderful for all that you doÖ all sort of stuff.

Youíre excellent Mary!

Francisí Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary our Mother in Heaven,
Help me not to swear.
Make me a better person.
Make me not to lie.
Make me to be good and listen to my mom and teacher.

Mary I will pray to you every night and day.

Mary you are so nice to me and other people.

Thank you God and Mary!

Hannahís Prayer to Mary

Hail Mary,
Thank you Mary for the things you do for me.

I'm sorry for being bad all day. Please forgive me.

Help me do all my work.

Praise to You Mary.

I love You!

I will make a big smile when people are nice to me.

Jenniferís Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary,
Help me to stop my sin and meanness.

Help me to pray every night when I go to sleep.

Help me to be honest and stop lieing.

Help my family be strong and true.

Mary is so loving and kind, and she helped me with a lot of things to do.

Thank you for my family and for the food and shelter I have.

I will praise you and give you love.

Jennyís Prayer to Mary

O Loving Mary,
Thank you for all the things that you have done for me.

Please forgive me for all the things that I have done bad.

Mary you are so beautiful, nice, and loving.

I will try my best in everything I do.

Glory be to you, Mary

Jordanís Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mother Mary,
Thank you for looking after me, my family, and my classroom.

Please help me and my school, because people really need some help.

Can you look after my school?
Can you Mary please?

I am sorry for hitting my brother.
I will never ever hit my brother and sister, again.

I will try my best in school.

I will always be Your child.

Keithís Prayer to Mary

I love you Mary and Jesus!

Thank you Holy Spirit for the snow and the water.

We hope people pray for Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.

Help me to be a good boy, too.

I will try to be a good person in school.

Thank-you Mary

Mariahís Prayer to Mary

Letís thank God for our life, our family, and our friends.

Letís pray that Hannahís baby brother Justin, gets better.

We all think we had the best year of our life this year.

We hope you have a good time next year Mary, and that all the people who do bad choices, will begin to do good choices.


Mirandaís Prayer to Mary

Dear Mary,
I love you Mary!
You are my mom.

You are the best in the Universe.
Nothing is better than you, Mary.

I will try to be more like you Mary.

I will not yell at my sisters.

I will be good.

Iím sorry for being mad.

Prestonís Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary our Mother in Heaven, forgive my sins and forgive me.

Iím sorry I made some hurtful mistakes and hurt people I love.

I will be good, with your help.

You have helped me a lot.

I would just like to say thank you.
Thank you for being there, when I needed You, Mary.
Youíre doing a good job helping me.
Please keep it up!

You are so loving to us, Mother of Heaven

Reneeís Prayer to Mary

Dearest Mary,
Please forgive me for the things I have done that were wrong.

Thank you for the Earth, my family, my friends, love, and a home to live in.

I will try to do my work and be nice to my sister and friends.
Praise to you Mary

Robynís Prayer to Mary

Praise to You Mary,
You are so nice.

I thank you Mary for my food.

I'm sorry for not listening to Mrs. Monteith.

I ask to be better in school.

I'm sorry ...I want myself to be better at school.

Skyeís Prayer to Mary

Dear Mary,
Thank you Mary, Mother of Jesus, for the things you have given us, like food, winter clothes, homes, shelter, and bikes.

I love you Mary!

Thank you Mary, Mother of US!

Thank you Mary, Mother of Jesus.