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Grade 3 Spring Stories
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The following stories were written as a 'Spring' creative writing assignment, completed by our class of students in the 2001-2002 school year.

These stories were created by the students to practice for their Provincial Government Achievement Test on Story Writing

We hope you enjoy reading them!

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Brett's Story

The Seven Agents

Dallas and max went to the Diamond Museum.

When they got there, they saw a guy come running out with a bag of diamonds.

As the owner came running out after him, he was yelling, “Get that thief !!!”

Dallas and Max ran after him. The thief was throwing rocks at Dallas and Max. Max got hit in the head, and he got knocked out.

1 Hour Later…
When Max woke up he was alone. He went to find Dallas because Dallas left him alone. Dallas had gone to the Police Station. He was waiting for Max there.

Max got mad at Dallas for leaving him alone, so Max took the car. Max did not know where Dallas went, so Dallas was left at the Police Station with no car and no ride home.

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Cassidy's Story

A Love Story

Once upon a time a there was a lovely young princess named Mary. Her mom’s name was Queen Rose and her dad’s name was King Stainly.

One day the princess was picking flowers, and then she went back home.

When she got home, her family went to get dressed to go out. Then they went to ‘West Edmonton Mall’ in a limousine.

When they were walking into the mall, they got tickets.

They split up, and the princess met a boy.

She told her mom and her dad that they fell in love.

So they all came back to the castle together in the limousine.

At the castle, they were having a Ball. The princess got her first dance with the soon-to-be-prince. They had so much fun dancing. They were doing the two-step.

The boy and the princess decided to get married.

She was very pretty when she got married.

After they were married, they had a baby boy. His name was Prince Ryan.

All the ‘Royal Family’ had so much fun. Then they lived happily ever after.

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Dale's Story

Smoky Weekend Fun

My weekend started when my cousin came over. His name is Kelsey. He had a birthday at my house.

Then my other cousin came. His name is CJ.

We all went to the mall to buy something for Kelsey’s birthday.

After we got back, we went to Borden Park, and there was a big, giant thing there. It was a water fountain with clean water! We played at the park.

When I was sitting with my mom, she went to get my brother. He is my little brother. He’s 4 years old. My mom was going to get him because he was fighting with a kid at the park.

Then we left to go home.

That night, there was really lots of smoke outside. It was coming from a fire in Smoky Lake. The story about the fire was all over the newspapers, the next day.

On Monday night, I went to see a cool movie. It was called ‘Resident Evil’ with all these zombies, dogs and guns. It was a cool movie! I went with my cousin and my Uncle.

After the movie was done, it was 12 o’clock (midnight), and I went home. I wished I could see that movie again sometime!

That was a cool weekend! I wish I could have another weekend like that!

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Lanita's Story

Our Trip To Keeheewin

When we were getting ready for our trip, we went to IGA and got some munchies. Then we left for Keeheewin.

When we got to Keeheewin, we went to my Aunty Patsy's first.

Then we went to the Round Dance and danced. We were always the first ones to get in the middle. We also helped in the Concession for a while.

After that, we went home to Aunty's place to watch some movies.

We came back to the Round Dance later, to sing 'Happy Birthday' to Harvey, and eat some cake.

Then we went back to Aunty's house again and played school.

When we got tired, we went to bed.

Wen we woke up the next morning, we had some cereal. While we were eating, my baby brother Nathan dropped his toy, and it went under the fridge. Nathan stuck his hand under the fridge to try and get it, and he burnt himself.

After that breakfast, we went outside and painted the Club House.

When we were done, we rode a bike and went for a picnic at Uncle Bingo's. During the picnic, my brother Daniel was playing tag with my cousins, Taylor and Brady. During the game, Daniel ran into the fire pit and got two nails stuck in his foot. The nails were in the fire pit and they were very dirty. Daniel had to get some needles in his foot, so he would not get a bad infection from that.

When the day was done, we went back home. On the way home, we were counting all the animals we saw on the way.

Going to Keeheewin was quite an adventure!

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Logan's Story

Don’t Go Without Your Friends!

There was a kid named Dale. He was a small and smart kid. All the teachers and everybody else knew this about Dale.

After school Dale made 4 friends. Their names were Brett, Rob H., Logan and Max. They played with Dale at school recess and lunch recess.

One night, Dale and his friends went to the graveyard to visit Dale’s Grandma, that had died. Dale went to go bring flowers and put them on her gravestone.

When Dale went to place the flowers down, A THING GRABBED DALE’S ARM !!! It was the HAND from HIS GRANDMA’S ARM !!!

Dale tried to pull his arm away, but his Grandma was too strong!

Finally Dale tried his hardest. Then he got it out and Dale and his friends ran away to home.

“Man! I wish that a day like that will never happen again to me and my friends too!” Dale gasped.

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Lyndon's Story

Watch Out for the TV!

“Lyndon! Be QUIET!” Lyndon’s Mom said.

“Mom. Can Logan come over?” Lyndon asked.

“NO!” Mom answered back.


Mom went to the door. It was Dale and Max. “What are you guys doing here?” Mom asked.

“Is Lyndon and Jared here?” Max questioned.

“They’re downstairs,” Mom replied.

They went to the basement. “Lyndon, what are you doing?”asked Dale. “I’m trying to turn on the TV,” Lyndon answered.

“Ah, let me do it,” said Dale, “Ok?”

Dale went over to the TV and tried. “I can’t turn it on either,” said Dale.

Just then, there was another knock at the door. This time Lyndon went to answer the door. It was Logan, Robert H. and Brendan. “Come downstairs!” offered Lyndon.

“Ok,” replied Logan.

“Hurry up you chickens!” teased Lyndon.

“You call me a chicken? You’re the chicken one of all. Beat that!” continued Brendan.

“Hahahaha…” Logan laughed.

“Who’s there?” asked Dale.

“Who said that?” asked Logan.

“Let’s just go upstairs ok?” Robert pleaded.

Suddenly, the TV turned on by itself.

“Hey! What was THAT?” Lyndon said as he turned to the TV.

“Hey! How did you get that on by itself?” asked Logan.

“I don’t know how it got on by itself,” answered Lyndon.

“Ah, who cares? Let’s just watch TV!” Dale remarked.

“Yah. Let’s just watch TV right now ok?” Max added.

“Yehoo!” shouted the rest of the boys.

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Max's Story

The Green Thing in My Basement

Once upon a time, I moved to my 100th house.

I heard a sound in the basement.

I went to see what it was.

It was a delivery, but there was something that was green there. There was more of them too!

I ran upstairs as fast as I could.

My mom and dad were gone. My mom and dad went to my Grandma’s and so I called my friends. My friends came over.

I showed them the green thing. It had grew more gigantic each time I saw him. He had huge red eyes. He was slimy with big bulging arms. He didn’t have ears, but he could read lips.

When I asked him to move, he moved. He had long sharp claws but he didn’t chase after us. He wanted to play with us.

Just as I threw him the ball, I opened my eyes.

I was surprised to find out that it was a dream!

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Natasha's Story

My Exciting Trip To Jasper With My Family

My exciting trip to Jasper was the best trip of ALL!! We had a “BLAST”!!!

It was 2 years ago when my family and I, went to Jasper in the summer. It took 3 hours to get there by car. We stayed in Jasper for a week.

As soon as we got there, we all knew we loved it there. We stayed at an Inn. It was fun!

On our trip, we got to see the Northern Lights. Have you ever seen the Northern Lights?

While I was in Jasper, I saw a bear. It was huge and brown. To remember that bear, I got a t-shirt. It was white and it had a picture of a bear on it.

On the ride home, there was a traffic jam, because the Mountain Goats came down onto the highway.

My dog Tapper almost got out of my dad’s window, because my dad always keeps his window all the way down.

Then a Mountain Goat came to my dad’s window and tried to put his head in the window. My dad got scared and yelled, “AAAAAAHHH!!!” My mom laughed at my dad.

We got a picture of that exciting adventure.

That is why this vacation was ‘the BOMB‘…BABY!

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Robert A.'s Story

Coming Soon!

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Robert H.'s Story

The Dinosaurs

First my Mom and Dad are trying to build a Time Machine to go back in time, where the dinosaurs lived, a long, long, time ago. They are going to invite a few people to come in this Time Machine.

“Brett! We’re done building the Time Machine!”

“Ok mom, I’m coming!”

“I’ll get the neighbours ok?” asked Mom.

“I got the neighbours, mom.” answered Brett.

“Ok, let’s go to the jungle!” said Dad.

“Are we there yet mom?” asked Brett.

“Almost,” replied Mom.

“We’re here now,” announced Dad, “you kids don’t be afraid alright? We are looking for the T-Rex.”

“LOOK OUT DAD!!!” yelled Brett.

“I’m glad you yelled for me son, I’m going to raise your allowance!” remarked Dad.

“WOW !!! Dad and Mom!!! A dinosaur nest!”

1 Week Later…
“This view is wonderful and beautiful! Can we have a camp fire here?” asked Mom.

“Yes.” answered Dad.

“When are we going to see the Dinosaurs?” asked Brett.

“Tomorrow, hopefully.” replied Mom.

“Alright,” said Brett.

The next day Dad said, “We’re going to look for the T-Rex. Let’s move out!”

“We will have to split up,” Dad instructed.

“ooooOOOOOhhhhhhh! Ohhhhoooooo….” “ROAR!”

“LOOK OUT SON!!!” Dad yelled.

“ALVIN!” cried Jennifer. “ALVIN ! ALVIN !! ALVIN !!!”

“What?” asked Alvin. “Why are you crying?”

“Eric got eaten by a T-Rex!” she sobbed.

16 Days Later…
“I wish we had Eric here with us,” moaned Jennifer.

“I know. Doris? Would you go get some water please and thank you?” asked Mom.

“Ok,” Doris replied.

“Dad? Can April come with me? She is my best friend,” Doris requested.

“Ok, if it is alright with her parents,” Dad answered.

“Ok. Let’s go ask, April. Your parents are on their way to the water hole,” Doris noticed.

A short time later the girls were back, safely.

2 Weeks Later…
“We found the T-Rex!!!” shouted Dad, “it’s huge, gigantic, and humongous!!!”

“We just have to find one more Dinosaur!” reminded Brett.

“It’s easy to find. In a week we’ll go home!” answered Dad.

5 Days Later…
“I’m going to cook supper now!” said Mom, “Ok Alvin?”

“Ok. I’ll make the fire. Or actually, I’ll get my friend Brett to help.”

1 Day Later…
“We can’t find that small dinosaur. Let’s go home!” said Mom.

“I’ll get the Time Machine!” replied Dad.

Soon we were all in the Time Machine and then we were home.

“It was a little fun there!” said Brett.

And that’s how it all began.

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Sasha's Story

“Miss Robichaud Visits Mrs. Monteith’s Great Amazing Classroom!”

“My exciting amazing great classroom is so so good, that everyday I give the best student a special prize out of the special prize box from our classroom!” said Mrs. Monteith.

Mrs. Monteith told the good class that a new student teacher was coming to us. This made me so happy that I jumped up and down. Then Mrs. Monteith told the student teacher’s name. Her name was Miss Robichaud. She told us at the end of the day.

Finally the student teacher came to help our classroom. She was very nice, kind, and sweet. All of the class liked her (especially the sweet little girls who liked her so so much).

On Thursday, the student teacher came to visit the good classroom.

On Friday, it was PD Day for the good special class. During the Professional Development Day, Mrs. Monteith and Miss Robichaud went for lunch together at ‘Subway’.

Mrs Monteith and Miss Robichaud stayed home and cleaned up the house. Mrs. Monteith and Miss Robichaud stayed and watched their own beautiful amazing children, at their homes.

On Sunday, Mrs. Monteith and Miss Robichaud went for dinner together at a special restaurant.

Miss Robichaud left at the end of the special year. Mrs. Monteith and her great amazing classroom…all missed Miss Robichaud (and never ever forgot her or all the help she gave everyone!).

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Shanese's Story

Adventures at the Fair

When we went to the Fair, we took the bus. The Fair was in town. Shanese, Natasha, Lanita and Sasha went to the Fair together.

When they were at there, they saw the ‘Haunted House’. It was so so scary. There were sounds like: “WOOOO…!” “AaaaaaHHHHH!”

Lanita and Sasha did not go into the ‘Haunted House’, but instead, they waited outside for the rest to come out. Natasha was so scared but she went in anyways.

They went on a lot of scary rides. Lanita went on the Roller Coaster. After she came off, she puked on the ground.

After all the rides, they went home with Cassidy (who they met waiting outside the ‘Haunted House’).

On the way home, they saw something on the road. It was a dead deer. They took it home and cooked it for supper.

The next day, they went to go and see a movie. It was a scary movie. They watched another movie called, “Blade”. It was all about death and it took 3 hours to watch it. It was so so cool and scary!

They had another movie at the house. It was called, “The Blair Witch Project”. They watched it too!

The day after all the movies, they all went back to the Fair together. This time it was funny, not scary like the first time they went.

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Sheena's Story

Coming Soon!

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