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Grade 3 Haiku Poems
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The following Haiku poems were written as a 'Spring' creative writing assignment, completed by our class of students in the 2001-2002 school year.

Some of these Haiku poems were entered in a Haiku writing contest ...sponsored by Japan Airlines!

We hope you enjoy reading them!

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Brett's Haiku Poems


Mother Earth is nice.
Nature is a part of the earth.
Jesus is so nice.

I like the ocean.
Nature is a part of the earth.
The mountains are cool.

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Cassidy's Haiku Poems


I like waterfalls.
They are so blue and shiny.
They are sparkly too.


I like red roses.
They have a marvelous smell.
They are beautiful.

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Dale's Haiku Poems


Tigers are real cool.
Tigers live in the jungle.
Tigers look cool too!


Dinosaurs are cool.
Dinosaurs eat grass and meat.
Dinosaurs look cool!

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Jenna's Haiku Poems

Coming Soon!

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Lanita's Haiku Poems

Land of Ants

The land is so good!
The land is so beautiful!
The ants are so small!


God made animals.
The animals live on earth.
Animals are free.

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Logan's Haiku Poems


I was playing in...
the snow outside of my house
landing in the snow.


In summer it's hot
like other places I know.
The South have big snails.

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Lyndon's Haiku Poems


I like the ocean.
The sunset is so, so, bright.
The mountains are cool.


There are lots of deer.
The turtles are very slow.
There are lots of birds.

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Max's Haiku Poems


I really like the Spring.
The bears come out of their caves.
The birds come out too.


I like animals.
I like bats that live in caves.
They can see in caves.

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Natasha's Haiku Poems

Song of the Wilderness

The birds chirp calmly
with the bright sun shining down
in the wilderness.

Twinkle Snow

Snow falls like a star
in the sky of blue, it's true.
They sparkle in the night.

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Robert A.'s Haiku Poems


The ocean makes waves.
The whales and sharks swim in them.
The squid live there too.


I like Tiger Sharks.
Tiger Sharks are predators.
They eat lots of fish.

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Robert H.'s Haiku Poem


I like winter time.
I like to play in the snow.
It is very cold.

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Sasha's Haiku Poems

White Mountains

The mountains are big.
The waterfalls are so big.
The birds are lovely.

Swimming Bears

The ants are so small.
The lakes are big and lovely.
Brown bears like to swim.

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Shanese's Haiku Poems

Animal Feelings.

The oceans are great.
The animals are so scared.
They're scared of people.

My Home

Mother Earth is nice.
The land is so nice and cool.
I live on the earth.

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Sheena's Haiku Poems


Wilderness is fine.
The animals are so shy.
The forest is huge.


I like waterfalls.
They are shiny and bright.
They make me thirsty!

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