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Grade 3's
My Christmas 2001 Holiday

Christmas Gift

The following stories were written as one of the first creative writing assignments completed by our class of students in the new year, after returning from the Christmas 2001 holidays.

We hope you find these stories to be interesting and fun to read! (We really focused on our PARAGRAPH writing, for this assignment!)

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My Christmas Holiday 2001
By Brett

"Cool! School is over for two weeks. I'm going to Saddle Lake. I'm going to visit my cousins!"

On Christmas Eve I stayed home. I watched T.V. and I was playing games. Dallas and Donovan came over to my house for a visit. We played games, then they went home. Christmas Eve we ate rice. We stayed up late.

It was fun opening my presents on Christmas Day. I got a truck, 'Operation' and a snowboard. After we opened presents at home, we went to my cousin's house and we opened our presents over there. I got a snowboard and Game Boy Advance. We ate supper and we played games. Then we went to bed.

On Boxing Day morning I was watching T.V. I was also playing games with my brother.

On New Year's Eve, I had a turkey supper at my house with William and Lina. Then we went to the fireworks downtown, with my mom, dad and brother. The fireworks were cool!

On New Year's Day, we ate turkey, smashed potatoes and cookies, at home. Nobody came over to visit us.

The week after New Year's, I didn't do much. I played games and watched T.V.

On Monday, January 7, 2002, I went back to school. I was happy to be back at school! My holidays were over ...but school wasn't!

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My Christmas 2001 Best Holiday
By Dale

Wow! School's done until Jan.7! Christmas is coming and New Year's Day is too!

On the weekend before Christmas, we put up our Christmas tree for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day too! We put our decorations on the tree and it looked beautiful too!

On Christmas Eve... I went to church. We ate some dinner and we got two presents. Then we went sledding and came home to sleep.

On Christmas Day we opened our presents and ate breakfast.

On Boxing Day we stayed in bed for a while and we watched T.V. Then we had breakfast, and later a lunch too! In the afternoon, we went skating. After that, we had dinner and we went sliding at a big hill.

On New Year's Eve, we stayed at our house and we had our Christmas tree on still.

On New Year's Day we had our dinner and we still had our tree up! After dinner we went sliding.

When we went back to school, everybody was looking at me. My eye was bleeding. When we had lunch, we were the first people to go there. I had my Science jar with me and I went on the bus. Then we went home.

That was the best holiday I ever had!!

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My Christmas Holidays
By Logan

Cool! Christmas is coming! School is over for two weeks and I will watch 'Jurassic Park 3, I hope. I will do good on the holidays. Right on!

Christmas Eve I ate lots of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

On Christmas Day I got a robot and some other toys.

The next day was Boxing Day. My friend visited my house at Boxing Day.

On New Year's Eve we had a feast and it was good.

On New Year's Day five kids visited at my house. All we did was play my SONY Playstation!!!!!

When I finally went to school, the first thing we did at gym, was gymnastics.

All the week we went to school, and did lots of work. I wish I was on holidays!

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My Christmas Holidays 2001
By Lyndon

This was the longest Christmas holiday I ever had! I really liked it!

On Christmas Eve we went to bed early, so Santa could come. We left a snack for Santa.

The next morning, we got up at 7:00 a.m. and had chocolate for breakfast with waffles! My brother and I played with our toys. Then after that, we played our Nintendo '64 until supper. Before we ate, we prayed. After supper, I was the first one done so I went upstairs and had to wait for dessert, until everyone was done. Our dessert was apple pie. We were stuffed after supper!

The next day was Boxing Day. My dad played the stereo, on Boxing Day. We stayed home and my brother and I played with our toys that we got for Christmas.

On New Year's Eve we stayed home.

On New Year's Day, I worked on my homework because I was sick before Christmas and missed school, so I had work to do.

On January 7th, I took it easy. I was so sad the holiday was over because I wanted to play my and my brother's Game Boy.

I was so sad to be back at school, because the holidays were great.

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My 2001 Christmas Holiday
By Natasha

This Christmas was the lousiest year ever, because I had a water fight!

On Christmas Eve, I had a family reunion and a feast. We opened our presents. My sister got a CD Walkman and I got 2 Easy Bake Ovens. They were from my mom and my grandma. When I got home, my sister and I made chocolate chip cookies.

When I woke up, I woke up my sister and my mom. Santa gave us a little treat under the tree. Then we went to my grandma's house and we had another feast. We had turkey, potatoes and chicken casserole.

On Boxing Day, I slept in until 7:00 p.m. When I woke up, supper was done. We had macaroni salad and then we went to the Flea Market and looked.

On New Year's Eve I watched the countdown until midnight. We had New Year's whistles and chips to eat.

When we went out for McDonalds, I got my nose in Katsup. My nose was red. It looked funny...but not to me!

JANUARY 3rd 2002
I had to come to clean my clothes for school.

See why my holiday was the worst ever?!!!

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My 2001 Christmas Holiday
By Robert H.

This holiday was the best ever!

On Christmas Eve, I was so excited. We wrapped up the presents. We wrapped them fast. My cousins came over and we ate dinner together. Chantel slept over.

On Christmas Day, I got a remote control monster truck and projector. Also, I got a toy Quad, some cars, a model car, and a toy dog. We had dinner. We had salad and potatoes.

On Boxing Day, I didn't go anywhere. I sat home and watched T.V. After I watched T.V., I had supper.

On New Year's Eve, most of my cousins came over. We did the countdown. That was a lot of fun!

On New Year's Day, we had ham, corn, and mashed potatoes. Then we went sliding. We had fun sliding at Kilkenny.

The week after New Year's we came back to school. I felt good about it.

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My Christmas 2001
By Shanese

Christmas holidays were fun. The best thing of all was going to my Aunty's.

On Christmas Eve, I went to a Round Dance with my family in Hobbema. It was fun and I danced a lot! There was a lot of people there.

On Christmas Day, I had a Christmas party at my house and my whole family came. We had good food.

On New Year's Eve, I went to the park for 5 minutes - just me. I also went to my frend Richelle's house. I went to play 'Fashion Models' over there. We had fun, while we were there.

On New Year's Day, I did not do much at my house. Then I went to the store to get pop and chips. It was a lot of fun.

The week after New Year's, I didn't do much.

I was glad to go back to school because I missed my teachers. I was also happy to see my friends at school. I had a fun holiday, though.

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My 2000 Christmas Holiday
By Cassidy
By Jenna
By Lanita
By Max
By Sasha
By Sheena


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