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Grade 3 New Year Prayers
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The following prayers were written as one of the first creative writing assignments completed by our class of students in the new year, after returning from the Christmas 2000 holidays.

We hope you find these prayers to be inspirational and heart-warming!


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Mrs. Monteith's Prayer

Our Lord and Creator of all things,
We have been given so many blessings to be thankful for. You watch over us and know what we need, and we pray for your love and care.

Thank you for listening to the many times we pray to you, for help and guidance. We know You are always there for us.

Please forgive us for not making all the right choices, and help us to do better. We are very sorry for those mistakes. We do not want to hurt You, others, or ourselves.

You have shown us the glory of your gifts, and the deepness of your love. May we always remember to do our best for You.

Praise and glory to You.
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Annie's Prayer

Praise you God for all the stuff you have made. The most special of these gifts is food for all of us.

Sorry Mary, for not being as nice to people, as I used to be.

Thank you Lord for clothes, teachers and food.

I ask that you let others who are sick, get better soon.

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A.J.'s Prayer

Thank you for our school.

I am sorry for not doing my homework.

I ask you to help me do better at school.

You are so brave.

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Byron's Prayer

Thank you Creator for the food that we eat, the school and teachers, and for family and friends.

I am sorry for the things I've done wrong.

I wish that my friends will be nice.

You are great. Thank you for everything you've done for the world.

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Chantel's Prayer

Can you help me by making me do my work so I can grow up being smart.

Thank you for helping me do my work and making me smarter, so I know when I have a problem and I know to ask for help.

I am feeling sorry for my teacher, because I don't do my work when she tells me to.

God, I pray that you can make sure all the sick people and the people in the hospital, feel better.
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Chaselyne's Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for all the love you give us, and for the whole world too.

Thank you for the food, the clothes, and the water too.

Your dream for us, is in You Jesus.

I want to be a priest.

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Chelsea's Prayer

I pray dear Lord, with my soul, that you'll keep my angels watching over me throughout the night, and wake me with the morning light.

Thank you for everything you give me, and thank you for a good Christmas and good New Year too!

I'm sorry for calling names and being mean. I am so sorry for calling names to other people.

Help me work harder.

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Danielle's Prayer

Thank you God for my family, my friends, and me!

Thank you for the sun, the moon and the sky.

Thank you God for the people in the world, and my teacher Mrs. Monteith.

Thank you God for loving us!

I'm sorry for the bad things I did.

I ask for the people who are sick, to feel better in a way, and the bad people in jail, to be good people.

Alleluia. God lives!
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Desiree's Prayer

Dear God,
We praise you, for we love you with all our hearts. We open our hearts for everyone, and for You.

I am sorry for what I have done that was wrong. I will love You for all I have been forgiven for.

Thank you for all the people who You have made. I thank you for your love.

I am asking for people to be happy, and for people to share with others, so we can be helpful.

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Frankie's Prayer

Thank you for hope and for Your love You give us.

I am sorry for all those bad things I have done.

Can we get more food?

God, you are GLORY.
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Jared's Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for the food.

I'm sorry God, for throwing the sticks with my ruler.

I pray to have a happy life.

Alleluia...Praise to You God.
I love You God.
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Jubillee's Prayer

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit...
God is great.
God is good.
He can hear us when we pray, so we will softly say to Him..."Thank you".

I'm sorry for the bad stuff I did.

I'm asking for the people in surgery, to make it through safely, and heal quickly.

Christ has died.
Christ is risen.
Christ will come again.
Amen, Amen, Amen, Alleluia.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
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Kara B.'s Prayer

Dear God,
You are the soil in the ground,
the water I drink,
the wind in the air,
the soul in everybody's heart.

Thank you for everything you give me.

Please let me live to give to the poor, not the rich.

Watch over all the people in the world, and my family.

I'm sorry for sins I've made. Please try to forgive me.

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Kecia L.'s Prayer

Dear God,
Keep my anger from getting me in trouble, and keep my spirit for happiness.

Thank you for all the good things I have done for people.

I'm sorry for all the bad things I've done.
Forgive me.

Thank you for the special gifts that show us you love us.

You gave us your Son Jesus, to show us how to help the poor. Be with us always, and send the Holy Spirit to change us into better people.

We go in peace to love and serve You, Lord.

You are the Creator of all things.

Praise to you God.

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Naomi H.'s Prayer

Dear God,
Bless the people in this world.

Thank you for the food and water.

I will always praise You.

Don't let anybody get hurt, and help the people that need help.

Help people be nice to their sisters and brothers.

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Raven R.'s Prayer

Dear Jesus,
Open up our hearts and remember we pray for You.

You love us all in Your heart, and we love You in our hearts.

We want You to be happy. We did our work so we can play. We are happy God.

We're sorry we didn't want to do our homework.

God has the most best world.

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Rudy's Prayer

Dear God,
Thank you for my life and my house.

I am sorry for the world and its problems.

I ask for a baby kitten, to have for a pet.

I praise You…Glory to God in the Highest!
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Ryan's Prayer

Dear God,
I ask you to heal the sick people, and keep my soul from doing bad.

I'm sorry for all the things I've stolen. Please forgive me.

Thank you for the gifts.

Praise you all the time.

Alleluia, alleluia, alleluia.
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Shantell's Prayer

Dear God,
I ask that I could live with my mom, Michelle. I hope that she's alright, and that my little brother Spencer, is alright with her.

Thank you God for food, water, and land. We are all so happy to have land, water and food.

Sorry, sorry for the bad stuff I've done. I will not be bad, ever again.

Praise You. I'll always praise You God. I'll never forget to praise You, O Lord.

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