Ben Calf Robe School

Ben Calf Robe Cultural Programs

Ben Calf Robe Native Studies

Students participate in the following cultural activities:


This class addresses a wide range of cultural topics including traditional arts and crafts, elder teachings and introduction to spiritual ceremonies. Students also visit the aboriginal Gallery at the Provincial Museum and attend a sweat.

Aboriginal Sports:

Students are introduced to a variety of games that are popular with Aboriginal groups of North America. Students enjoy activities such as lacrosse, canoeing, snowshoeing and archery.

Aboriginal Drumming and Singing:

Students are taught the significance of the drum and learn a number of pow wow songs.


Students learn the importance of storytelling in the oral tradition of Aboriginal Peoples by telling myths, legends and contemporary tales.

Drum Making:

Students learn the significance of the drum and construct their own hand drum.

Clothing & Textiles:

Students create their own dance regalia and learn proper sewing procedures.

Ben Calf Robe Princess

Ben Calf Robe Princess