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We believe that education is a lifelong endeavor. It is empowering. Education "qualifies and quantifies".

We believe that an education system must have its foundation built on trust, respect, responsibility, and change. It begins with respect for oneself, for others and for those yet to inhabit the earth.

We believe that education is an interactive process, not limited by space or time, that flourishes within an atmosphere of respect, trust and caring.

We believe education demands love, caring, dedication, sharing, and self-discipline.

We believe that the real values of education are truth, freedom and independence.

We believe education is holistic. It consists of the four aspects of self (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual parts of the individual) as learner, within the environment of a society made up of students, staff, community, parents, and family.


We believe that learning is instinctive and experiential.

We believe learning is unique to each individual and this must be taken into account when dealing with learners whether they are adults, adolescents or children.

Life is learning, we are learners.


We believe that children are gifts.

We believe that children are to be loved and to experience safety, stability and equality.

We believe a child must have an atmosphere that is structured, positive and reinforcing in order for learning to take place.

We believe that students should be given the opportunity to learn through their experiences.


We believe that teaching is a way of life and that teachers foster a love of learning that is lasting.

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