Ben Calf Robe School’s
Celebration for...

MARY… Our Holy Mother in Heaven

Call to Celebrate: Ave Maria (Instrumental)

Opening Song: Hail, Holy Queen

May is the month of Mary, the most important woman in the life of God’s people.
She is the mother of Jesus, our Saviour, who was sent unto the world to free us all from sin.

Mary said yes to becoming the mother of Jesus, and in doing so, said yes to life. We are here to honour Mary, and to try to imitate her example by opening our lives to the love of God.

Song: Immaculate Mary

God our Father, when you created Mary, you made her special. You set her apart for your work. You made us special too. Help us to see that our work is to live and act the way Jesus would – justly, tenderly, and humbly walking beside you. We ask in unity with you, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

Gospel Acclamation

Luke - Chapter 1 verses 46 – 55
(Glory to you Lord Jesus Christ)
Mary said: My heart praises the Lord; My soul is glad because of God the saviour For He has remembered me, his lowly servant! From now on, all people will call me happy Because of the great things the mighty God has done for me.

His name is holy,
From one generation to another
He shows mercy to those who honour him.
He has stretched out his mighty arm And scattered the proud with all their plans.
He has brought sown mighty kings from their thrones And lifted up the lowly.
He has filled the hungry with good things, And sent the rich away with empty hands.
He has kept the promise he has made to our ancestors And has come to the help of His servant Israel.
He has remembered to show mercy to Abraham and to all his descendants forever!

This is the Gospel of the Lord
Praise to you Lord Jesus Christ

Song: Hail Mary, Our Mother

Response: Hail Mary, Pray for us.

- Mary said yes to God. She said she would be the Mother of Jesus. Let us pray that we will not be afraid to say yes to God. We pray to the Lord.

- Mary helped her cousin Elizabeth. Let us pray that we may learn to care for others. We pray to the Lord.

- Mary took care of her Son. Let us pray that all mothers and fathers take good care of their children. We pray to the Lord.

- Mary was faithful to God’s word all her life. Let us pray that we will be faithful in our commitment to improve life. We pray to the Lord.

- Mary traveled to Egypt for her Son. Let us pray that we journey with others and help make their lives easier. We pray to the Lord.

- Mary suffered when Jesus died on the cross. Let us pray for the sick, the helpless, and the lonely. We pray to the Lord.

Prayer (in Cree):
- Like Mary, dear Lord, give us love for others. Let us learn to care for and help others, just like Mary. Lord, help us imitate Mary in loving and serving you. We praise you forever. Amen.

Song: Mary, Mary

Closing Prayer:
“I am the Lord’s servant”, Mary told the Angel Gabriel. “I will do whatever God wants me to”. How blessed is she who believed in God’s word to her!

Together we pray to God through Mary and give honour to her for the holy life she lived.

Closing Hymn: Gentle Woman

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